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CHRI is a place where people who are avid students come to learn the intricacies of the human and canine relationship connection. When the basics just aren’t enough anymore; when you are ready to expand your knowledge base; these courses will satisfy your learning requirements and exceed your expectations!

About Canine – Human Relationship INstitute

The Institute was created to help canine professionals, and others, interested in learning more about how to effect behavior changes in dogs through advanced understanding of how the brain learns (both human and canine), and the methods and techniques needed to modify behaviors. We focus on providing an experiential/hands on environment where the human learns the means and methods to permanently modify a dog’s behavior through class time, personal handling and learning how to “live with a dog”, not manage it. Courses focus on the education of the human, and learning how to transfer that to both the dog and the client.


Advanced courses include Canine Behavior and Behavior Modification, Brain, Language, Motivations, Health; Human Psychology and Client Relations; and Canine and Human Medical skills


The goal of the institute is to prepare every student with sufficient knowledge, proficiency and confidence to skillfully approach every new canine and human relationship with high potential and optimized outcomes for trainers, owners, and their canine.


Through cooperative education and study, the CHRI provides a group learning environment dedicated to trust building activities and joint ventures designed to provide each student with a strong and comprehensive base of resources. Instructors and students continue to integrate in media platforms and class time for long term support and growth of expertise and confidence.

Our Mission

Healthy Atmosphere for a Life-Long Partnership

Our mission is to provide advanced educational experiences for canine professionals and others interested in understanding canines from an in depth perspective of behavior modification, language, learning capabilities and relationship building. We provide a university level of study and learning experience, through the study of how both human and canine brains learn and process with a hands on understanding of the steps for behavior modification.


Educating Human Pack Leaders

Our focus is to teach Relationship Based Behavior Modification (RBBM ©) to all students at our Institute. RBBM was developed by Nelson Hodges over years of work in the rehabilitation of severe case dog behaviors from aggressive to fearful and shutdown dogs. RBBM was developed with the understanding of both real human and canine psychology of how the brain learns, patterning modifications (neuroplasticity), and proofing of behaviors (not situational actions). CHRI courses and workshops are intentionally designed to provide a multimodal format of classroom learning with hands-on application. All courses include a supportive, guided self-discovery process in order to cultivate genuine growth in the human/canine relationship. Students may attend one class or choose a course of study which guarantees a customized, unique and invaluable educational experience! In progression these classes build cumulative expertise, diving deeper into each aspect of the relationship, while offering humans the skills to integrate the CHRI philosophy into your everyday interactions with the humans and canines in your life.

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“I’m seriously going to need a lot of time to even begin to process everything I learned this weekend. I am no longer a skeptic — we are living with dogs all wrong, myself absolutely included.”
Shaina Lynn

“It was such a huge learning experience for both myself and Kenji, as it immersed me into looking at the world from a dog’s perspective. I gained so much insight into what to do when he is fearful and how to approach it, which is such an incredible tool for my own confidence. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to deepen their relationship with their dog, and to anyone who struggles with it.”
Kaye Barron

“My head is full of so much new amazing, mind blowing knowledge.  Create the relationship with your dog so that your dog trusts you.  Then everything falls into place from there. I’ve witnessed that with Niko. This week is life changing and I can’t wait to share what I’ve learned. Saying goodbye to him at the end of the course will not be easy.”
Lauren White

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